Power lifting Hooks
Power lifting Hooks

Power lifting Hooks


 Power lifting hooks are great training tools for serious lifter.These lifting hooks hold the weight when your hand grip fails.
These hooks are combination of wrist straps and hooks. 
This will limit your progress as you work to get stronger. Both weight-lifting straps and hooks are designed to supplement your grip, particularly during pulling exercises that work the back and strength muscle. Padded neoprene wrist straps allow you to hold onto much heavier weights and get more secure.
> Neoprene Wrist Protection with Velcro straps
> Comes as a pair

> Solid extra wide steel hooks rubber coated with non slip material
> Wrist strap has comfortable cushioned
> Reinforced power lifter straps
> 2.5 inch wide hooks
> 7 inch cushioned pads
> 15 inch Velcro straps
> One size fit all




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